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Los Angeles Retail Pharmacy Merchants


Just What the Doctor Ordered

A merchant services company that offers free credit card processing equipment and we don't even have you sign a long term contract.  Is this the miracle cure to all your merchant services whoas?  If there was an actual miracle cure out there, we may be the closest thing to it.  All of our accounts are setup on a month to month basis which means we have to work hard every month to keep you satisfied. 

Pharmacy Merchant


We Flipped the Script

By focusing on pharmacy's in the greater Los Angeles area we provide great service on top of our great rates.  In the past credit card processing sales reps focused on their upfront commission by selling ridiculously expensive leases and by getting pharmacy's to sign long term contracts.  Though there are still representatives out there trying to sell this way, Total Merchant Services has single handedly changed pharmacy merchant credit card processing by offering month to month accounts with no hidden fees.


LA Pharmacy's, your prescriptions are ready...

Call today and schedule an appointment with one of our Los Angeles account executives.  In just 15 minutes we can determine how much money we can save you each month or the best way to setup your new pharmacy to optimize savings according to the types of cards we feel you'll be taking.  Our number is 800.276.4897

Free Equipment

cho1Do you need equipment? Total Merchant Services offers equipment for free to all our merchants. That leaves you with one less bill every month and one less thing to worry about.

Getting Started

  • The application process is short and sweet
  • Once your application is submitted we usually have you up and running in 24-48 hours
  • We’ll have a new account training representative contact you once your account goes live.
  • Call now for more details: 800-263-0265


"The Payment Jack has totally changed the way mobile credit card processing is done. There’s no longer the need to pay high monthly fees for equipment that's not dependable…"