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With so many restaurant credit card processing solutions available in Los Angeles, why choose us?  That's a really good question.  I mean there are so many options; so we really wanted to think  this over and give you our best "dish". 


Three Simple Ingredients to Great Merchant Services

Ingredient one is no contract.  Any restaurant owner in Los Angeles knows that this just makes sense.  We setup all of our accounts on a month-to-month basis which means we have to work hard every month to keep you happy.  Ingredient two is "locally grown" service.  Our office is located in Agoura Hills, CA.  We like to build strong relationships with our merchants by helping them out in all aspects of processing credit cards at their restaurants.  Whatever your question or concern we're a phone call or short drive away from taking care of your needs.  The third ingredient that makes us the wheat as opposed to the chaff are great rates tailored to your individual restaurant.  It's not even so much that we have better rates than other processors, it's that we make sure you're setup in a way that gives you the best rate every time you swipe a card.  Many times we approach restaurants that are already accepting credit cards and within five minutes we see a better way to set them up that can save them hundreds to thousands of dollars each year.  On top of that, we were the first company in the US to offer the Durbin rates to our merchants.  While many processors sat on the sidelines waiting to see if their merchants figured out how the Durbin Amendment effected their business, we already adjusted our merchants accounts to give them the best rates we could offer. 


Some Other Cool Stuff

What else makes us cool?  We're definitely on top of all things electronic that are related to merchant services.  Our new CEO, Joe Kaplan, has been a leader in credit card processing for almost 20 years.  He's started several merchant services processing companies including Innovative Merchant Solutions which merged with Intuit in 2002.  We currently have some exciting products that may help your business including Payment Jack which allows you to accept credit cards on your smart phone or tablet.  We have some other exciting innovations on their way, so this section is to be continued...

Free Equipment

cho1Do you need equipment? Total Merchant Services offers equipment for free to all our merchants. That leaves you with one less bill every month and one less thing to worry about.

Getting Started

  • The application process is short and sweet
  • Once your application is submitted we usually have you up and running in 24-48 hours
  • We’ll have a new account training representative contact you once your account goes live.
  • Call now for more details: 800-263-0265


"The Payment Jack has totally changed the way mobile credit card processing is done. There’s no longer the need to pay high monthly fees for equipment that's not dependable…"